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A XieWang road to success
time:2016-08-22 17:07:58
Branding, advertising alone is not enough, must have their own marketing channels. Ding Zhizhong on advertising success after, immediately set out to expand marketing network throughout the country. Further price concession he made to the distributor policy, encourage more dealers to join their marketing team.
Has not yet graduated from a junior high school of the rural youth, a small town of jinjiang in fujian coastal modify the small workshops with a shoe. After more than 20 years, the small workshops become anta (China) co., LTD., has become a public company listed in Hong Kong; The owner of the small workshops become the President of the anta (China) co., LTD., he is Ding Zhizhong.
Jinjiang city of fujian province ChenDai Town, more than 20 years ago is a remote town near the sea. The people here and the traditional way of sea to make a living by fishing. Many expatriates living abroad to make money and then put the money home XiangBan some manufacturing industry, but also provide home a lot of business orders. Shoe industry is an industry, jinjiang emerges earliest ChenDai Town nature also began to rise a batch of shoes factory.
In 1985, farmers ChenDai Town butyl and wood to be involved in a shoe factory in the village, not only won the factory experience, shoemaking technology, but also accumulated a certain amount of money. Know more forward-looking and wood, if you want to put the shoe factory more prosperity, we must think of some way to open up wide sales market. To give 10000 dollars in 1987, and wood into Ding Zhizhong son hand, and from the shoe factory in the town to the 600 pairs of quality of a material good shoes to the son, along with all let him check this batch of shoes to Beijing for sales. And wood is to want to let the son in Beijing set up a jinjiang footwear sales market. This year, Ding Zhizhong is only 17 years old, has not yet graduated from junior high school.
Soon after arriving in Beijing, Ding Zhizhong entered the "sport shoes city" in Beijing, rented a counter, started his career as a shoe. Footwear market in Beijing at that time, basically all is by jinjiang shoes business monopoly. For the open sales situation, Ding Zhizhong discomforts, YiHuHu businessman does sell your product. Diligence, honest, and trustworthy, Ding Zhizhong established a foothold in Beijing. Just for 2 years since then, Ding Zhizhong took his shoe ark into Beijing wangfujing shopping mall. Due to the jinjiang shoes of good quality, also sold very hot in Beijing, this also for Ding Zhizhong earn the life first bucket of gold. Sell shoes while polished shoes marketing skills, study consumers like what style of shoes. In Beijing for many years, Ding Zhizhong became an expert industry marketing.
When Ding Zhizhong of jinjiang shoe store in Beijing to open shop business is booming, and wood feel should open a shoe factory alone, because their shoes, son can sell shoes in Beijing, and it should be the ideal state. In early 1991, with the help of relatives and friends and wood, and 5, 60000 yuan funds raised their own established a shoe factory, Ding Yali ding family with another son and daughter together. Idea is very simple and wood, he founded the shoe factory is for the children have a belong to my own business in the future.
In 1994, Ding Zhizhong with sell shoes earned 400000 yuan from Beijing back to jinjiang. 400000 dollars is a small fortune, Ding Zhizhong take the money back to hometown is to want to make a shoe to further expand the scale of production, and create our own brand, brand to develop a broader market. Ding Zhizhong and father and brother to discuss, the shoe factory was renamed "anta shoe factory", and served as director of marketing, deputy general manager of himself. Make out for many years, very familiar with the marketing of Ding Zhizhong on shoes, therefore, he fully display their talents in the field of sales, the shoe factory sales market has been further development. Butyl and wooden Ding Zhizhong son see very talented in business, and manage the factory in good order, so at the helm of the factory's responsibility to Ding Zhizhong altogether.
After taking anta shoes factory, Ding Zhizhong beginning to factory according to its own business philosophy. He remembered in Beijing sell shoes, jinjiang shoes quality is not bad, but it is always the lowest price, a pair of shoes price is less than 20 yuan, at a time when domestic "Qingdao double star", "Shanghai Wolf" brand price fluctuates in one hundred yuan, and these shoes are quite part is manufactured in jinjiang. Ding Zhizhong know jinjiang shoes sell don't start, main is not formed their own brand. Create their own brands become Ding Zhi loyalty in the biggest wish.
At that time, almost all of jinjiang shoes factory is in South America, eastern Europe and other places overseas orders, branded products. Ding Zhizhong feel after carefully thinking, although have a certain market, overseas but overseas market all together can is worth the Chinese domestic market. So he decided to create their own marketing network at home, open anta store, build a brand, occupy the domestic low-end market.
In 1998, when Ding Zhizhong suffer from seeking to build brand way, a customer from advertising planning company director Ye Shuangquan defected to the door Ding Zhizhong. Ding Zhizhong particularly congenial with him, and he strongly recommend that Ding Zhizhong find a way of sports star endorsements to build its own brand and told the world-class brands such as Nike, adidas are world-class sports star as a spokesperson for product, please. Ding Zhizhong final choice after considering the world table tennis champion kong linghui as spokesperson for its own brand. When Ding Zhizhong announced for 800000 yuan a year, please make image spokesperson kong linghui, and the advertising investment of 3 million yuan a year when China central television (CCTV), 5, was opposed by many people in the company. Because of the huge inputs, tread is almost two-thirds of the company's full-year profit, so a lot of people think Ding Zhizhong gamble a bit too big. Because of Ding Zhizhong insist, in the end the solution be implemented.
When kong linghui at a China central television (CCTV), 5 shout out "I choose, I like this sentence anta advertising slogan, as good market reaction was not expected, even without any effect within two months. As Ding Zhizhong feel some uneasy, 2 months later, a swarm of merchants throughout the country rushed to jinjiang factory request order of anta, anta sales almost every day filled with customers to order. In 2000, kong linghui won the table tennis men's singles champion in the Olympic Games, after Ding Zhizhong anta also to become the national well-known brands. Choose kong linghui spokesperson is the most successful Ding Zhizhong step for our products. Anta company's sales revenue in 2001 was just $1, and in 2006 reached 1.25 billion yuan.
Branding, advertising alone is not enough, must have their own marketing channels. Ding Zhizhong on advertising success after, immediately set out to expand marketing network throughout the country. Further price concession he made to the distributor policy, encourage more dealers to join their marketing team. That year until June of 2010, anta store has amounted to more than 7500, basically include the national level 3 main streets of the city.
Jinjiang Ding Zhizhong success, making a large number of shoes merchants began to follow his lead, also please each big sports stars for their products. At that time, China central television (CCTV), 5 the jinjiang sports shoes dedicated channels. Ding Zhizhong then already into big tournament sponsors by sports star endorsements. He began to annual investment of 40 million yuan to sponsor Chinese basketball league (CBA). Because at that time, Ding Zhizhong do sports shoes, not only but also the production series of sportswear.
After anta company continue to grow stronger, the company has been more rich, not lack of money, not from the social financing, so Ding Zhizhong has always been refused to foreign investment. On June 28, 2004, when li ning company listed in Hong Kong, Ding Zhizhong suddenly feel, oneself also should become a publicly traded company. It is an idea, but, after his aides sufficient argumentation, listed as public company is really good, not only to raise a large amount of money, but also can regulate the company's governance structure, eliminate various disadvantages of family business, expand the awareness of the company itself, to better attract all kinds of management talent. Ding Zhizhong decided to seek to Hong Kong. Strategic planning, and kearney, please do let hao teng media advertising agent, hired KPMG do accounting affairs, the brand management outsourcing to JWT, hired Morgan Stanley to do listing sponsor. A large number of the world's leading institutions for anta in listed on the previous work.
On July 10, 2007, the company successfully listed in Hong Kong, raising hk $3.17 billion, far more than the size of the fund-raising 400 million yuan by li ning is listed in Hong Kong. Have sufficient funds, Ding Zhizhong are no longer limited to a sponsor domestic basketball league, he looks on the NBA. Because in the process of anta IPO, the Houston rockets owner les Alexander has invested hk $234 million, owns a 8.2% stake in anta. Listed in those days, Ding Zhizhong spent a breath signed the rockets Francis, scola, Wells three players.
But Ding Zhizhong most proud of is not successful listing in Hong Kong, but in June 2009, anta vanquished rival li ning, adidas, etc., to become China's national Olympic committee (ioc) sponsor sports clothing. This makes the Chinese athletes from 2009 ~ 2009's 10 a number of major events, will wear anta sportswear, roam in the world.
Ding Zhizhong successful operation of brand strategy and marketing strategy making anta sports shoes eight years in a row in the top spot in China. In 2010, the company's annual financial report, and its turnover rose to 7.408 billion yuan, net income of 1.551 billion yuan.