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How to improve the job seeker to apply for the chance of suc
time:2016-08-22 17:11:09
At the time of a job, the resume is the first level, as long as your resume can pass, so you are looking for a success rate is greatly improved. The following allows you to apply for the four skills of success rate has been increased for your reference.
Problem a: no earnings statement
Can say every 100 resumes, 90 is the lack of work performance. Past performance is the employer judge your future on the basis of performance. Work performance to stimulate employers can't wait before competitors to call you. For maximum effect, the results must be quantified as percentage of money, or digital, quantitative performance more reliable performance than empty account, specific and objective. Spend some time thinking about your performance, can add weight to salary negotiations.
Problem two: lack of marketing strategy
There are very few candidates the job as a marketing campaign. People with the marketing concept, using a variety of sales tools, get the trust of the decision makers. Your cover letter is actually a marketing book, purpose is what brought you to the next round of the interview. To imagine your working experience as sales tools, means that you are on your resume first consider the purchase demand of readers. Every word on the cover letter shows that you can meet their needs, to help them solve the problem, save time and money, increase profits or improve customer relationships.
Question 3: the point is not prominent
An effective cover letter should highlight, the applicant can do, where is the advantage, seek what position should be clear at a glance. Many candidates competitiveness is very strong, to write a resume without priority. If a resume looks right for any unit or any position, it gives the impression of is the job seekers can't be sure your work goals. A human resources manager told me that if a candidate and are interested in two different positions, so he must have two job badly. So, if you want to apply for multiple positions, be sure to get different resume.
Problem four: improper resume format
Usually there are three kinds of writing a resume format: time, functional and mixed type.
In chronological order to write a resume is the most simple, when you are in the same industry the same type of work to apply for a job, and your most recent work experience the most can reflect your grades, adopt appropriate type of resume time. But time type of resume you cannot very good performance of plasticity. If you want to change an industry, had better take functional. Can show your tenacity and ability to adapt work experience on the beginning of the resume, profound first impression on the readers. However, functional resume once the design is not good, can let a person feel what you deliberately. Solution to this problem is to use mixed type, is to write the time model and functional integrated together, this is the most difficult to write, but also can get your brand message most.