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Ten job trap and approach
time:2016-08-22 17:11:20
Pay 100% of the money or the remittance is in the name of any cheat you know? Now is the peak season to apply for a job, workplace network encyclopedia compiled specially for you collected about common 10 traps, as well as the method to deal with, I hope it can help you!
Common job summary trap
1 the mediation scam
Such mediation is often a cottage, two phones, three people, when the number of job seekers pay high commission, they will list a bunch of either don't a person, or don't recruit students unit list, even some units doesn't exist. When job seekers back to request a refund, they will show I am a rascal I afraid of who Job seekers want to take back from their pocket money, difficult!
2 recruitment scam
Such a job is not to participate in the number of units badly shrunk, is recruiting units don't work, and even some units will disappear after received your resume. The provisions of the state, only to organization or approval by the competent department of colleges and universities do not for-profit special graduate employment. Therefore graduates in the job fair, a look at the organizer, 2 see ticket prices. In general, special for the employment of graduates or free, either the fare is very low.
3 telephone scam
In general, graduates in after receipt of the employer's response, will take the initiative to contact. Some people are using the psychology of graduates, working under the guise of contact call or send messages to graduate, to graduates to have some very expensive phone info, in order to extract high phone bill. These general with 268/168 as the beginning of a phone, graduates can be careful beware of
4 the contract fraud
Whet knife don't miss your job, graduates in when signing a contract must be carefully read the terms and conditions, consulting the opinions of the schools and teachers when necessary.
5 the trial scheme
After graduate work generally have three months to six months of probation. Some units use this clause, either during the pay less, either deliberately fired after maturity.
6 commitment scheme
Some units in order to recruit the excellent talents, sometimes oral promises the preferential treatment of some salary, housing, etc. When the graduates to find these treatment cannot cash and to find unit leadership theory, the answer is often who promise you find who go to, the provisions of the company has no such! Therefore graduates must note: mouth says, for according to the contract, the key is sign the contract.
7 positions scam
Some units in the recruitment according to the job, but graduates after the report was arranged to other post, the underemployed graduates; Sometimes even do some physical strength live labor intensity greatly. The graduates in when signing a contract should be a little courage, not afraid to do, and they were afraid to think not not let the ulterior motives of bad exploiting the loopholes
8 location scheme
Have branches, many large enterprises in many parts of the country and going to job fairs are often the headquarters of the human resources department. Therefore, graduates when applying for prone to illusion, thought that work was at home in the big cities, the mount guard after being assigned to the remote areas. The graduates in the interview must be consulted clear, set forth the relevant clause in the contract if necessary.
9 network trap
For illegal enterprises and major network trap release recruitment information in the network, and these enterprises may be MLM, also may be cheats organization; Second, some enterprises don't need recruiters, but also use their job listings network invite applications for a job, use network invite applications for a job to promote enterprise itself, if the candidates to basic will not be employed. Some websites in order to improve the hit rate, will some outmoded recruitment information released on the Internet, also makes people often see a lot of outdated failure information. Many Internet job seekers often received some strange telephone harassment, others find themselves used to cover the pictures were uploaded to illegal websites.
10 MLM trap
Now a pyramid scheme is divided into north and south China and south China mainly chain sales, the north is given priority to with network. Pyramid selling especially long distance pull head invitation MLM (hereinafter referred to as foreign MLM) most serious harm, through the physical, mental, financial, etc. To achieve the purpose of control. When the couple has just been cheated to the long distance, don't call, cut off all contact with the outside world, don't let them watch TV and newspaper, densely infusion in a closed environment rich thoughts, arouse the people in the pursuit of money distortion. MLM tightly organized, activities and hidden, fluidity big, rapidly developing, in layers of geometric liars and deceived.
College students should be how to avoid the trap job
1, do not want credulous roadside recruitment information (AD), and should be legal, proper and good reputation through information channels to grasp and understand the recruitment information. Pay attention to gansu amorous feelings, understand a part-time internship in gansu province. Roadside advertisement is more illegal intermediary agencies to cheat job seekers money, its promising position, salary is a mirage, a castle in the air more, only to defraud a candidate's job search fee is true.
2, as far as possible directly to unit of choose and employ persons to apply for a job, don't hope all job on talent intermediary company. Some applicants naively thought he was going to pay the fee to apply for a job, the other is sure to find a job for yourself. In fact, some "dirty" talent intermediary company's main job task is to collect fees of the applicant, whether to find a suitable job.
3, job seekers don't trust each other to charge entry fees, referral deposits such as words, more don't pay the deposit. Applicants shall have the right to refuse all kinds of unreasonable fees.
4, refused to bid. Heaven won't fall pie, there's no such thing as a free lunch, high salary, though attractive, but the first thing to consider their own conditions and strength, to see if they can create a good benefit of unit of choose and employ persons, if I can live up to a high salary. If the answer is no, then make some question mark will be increased in the in the mind: why would they hire me? How long a mind's eye a fraud may be less.
5, refused to pay the cost of various. Any recruitment unit, in the name of any charge job seekers mortgage products, clothing, deposit, risk fee, registration fee, training, etc, are illegal. Recruitment unit training this unit worker, also not allowed to receive training. Job seekers encounter such a situation, you must insist on refused to pay, and to recruit labor inspection team to report directly, but the government when push comes to shove the emergency alarm 110 directly, in order to ensure their legitimate rights and interests are not violated, as well as exposure to the media, etc.
6, not credulous promised to mount guard. Foreign enterprises or so-and-so nonlocal branch, branch, office of pay, no matter how good the treatment, job seekers must keep a clear head and a high degree of vigilance, oral promise don't trust him, and one is not to go, 2 it is to the labor and social security department consultation, and the related formalities, otherwise, pound-foolish, were tricked into cheat money by human traffickers even cheat sell, is too late to regret.
7, labor laws and regulations and related policies. Applicants before to apply for a job or job search process, should take the initiative to learn some labor laws and regulations and related policies, improve their job quality and the ability of independent thinking.
8, a variety of ways to understand the company background. Before job seekers into official unit, to strengthen the understanding of the enterprise so as to avoid straying into liars set the trap. Such as: pay attention to the recruitment unit's business license and other related documents; Formal unit recruitment will generally recruitment site is located in the office, conference room, some to rent the room as for the location of unit, be alert;
9, cautious sign labor contract. Sign the contract with employers, job seekers to three: if the enterprise by the ministry of commerce and industry registration and the term of validity of enterprise registration or the contract is invalid; 2 see contract words are accurate, clear, complete, can't use abbreviations, alternative or ambiguous words; Three to see whether there are some necessary contents labor contract, including labor contract deadline, work content, labor protection and labor conditions, labor compensation and social insurance and welfare, labor discipline, conditions for termination of labor contract, breach of labor contracts, etc. Must sign a written contract, probation period also want to sign a contract.
10, find deceived, reported in a timely manner and in the media exposure. Once job seekers found cheated, is located in a timely manner to hiring personnel bureau, labor bureau inspection team or the public security bureau police station, to seek legal protection. But as a result of labor fraud are often involved in public security, industry and commerce, labor and personnel departments, job seekers should choose the most effective complaint department according to the circumstance, if be the complaint object as legal institutions, job seekers can look for the labor department; If the situation especially serious job deceived, fraud amount is large, can be reported to the ministry of public security.