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The most vulnerable to workplace rules of woman
time:2016-08-22 17:11:37
Women in the office of misconduct may be at risk from workplace rules
For career women, however, the most headache thing is not my ability is not enough, but want to keep close relationships with leadership, and afraid of being led as a prey to hidden rules, so this society will be more and more career women would rather give up in the body can exchange for a promotion or a raise opportunities, better be a unknown nobody.
Reality, not all of the male bosses are satyr, not all women will also become the opposite sex boss hunting goal, to know flies do not usually at seamless eggs, only if it meets the requirements of the following eight women, can only be led by the opposite sex to hunt of hidden rules of the object.
1, the female college students just entered the unit or wet behind the girls is not deep
Just entered unit work girl, there was not much work experience, often think of the best from the bottom of my heart can have the Lao shifu network spread outfit, topic is such a girl often is a severe lack of proof of the Wolf heart, can't afford to be praise criticism, criticism arises easily depressed psychology, and is praised by boss often thinks easy generation by feeling. Young people such features are up to no good boss use very easily, so feel very affinity boss, no shelves, and got stuck in the elaborate trap boss also blissfully unaware.
2, total want to male bosses as their elder brothers of the naive girl
Some girls always want to talk to your boss in very hard to keep the harmonious personal relationships, in their view, a harmonious personal relationship can get attention on the job or even make a mistake can also get the appropriate tolerance, and often the boss as a the elder brothers to cultivate. Reality, the girl is too naive, as a boss, if he special attention to you, usually in the design of how to guide you into his personal life. Both Korean and Taiwan drama, is all this story plot, therefore, the ignorant girl is often hunt target is locked.
3, like wearing the uniform of sexy exposure even open girl
Female orgasm beauty is not wrong, to dress up beautifully and wearing beautiful and also is the privilege of women, however, the workplace is not meat, it will see much is troubles and especially Xia Jigeng not to covet the cool dress is too short, it will do to become seduce male bosses improvement heart temptation, which will become a male boss coerced attack target, if the girl bear the temptation of a promotion or a raise, not be able to get rid of cheat women experience male boss carefully woven net, only an Epiphany until after deceived, isn't it a bit late to regret?
4, in front of the boss like to dress up false in sexy women
Though the workplace no high and low, are losing ground in order to survive, but the survival of the fittest is living next to one of the most important and most hard hard truth. But, for career women, if all occasions pursuit of fashionable and sexy, that all is extremely dangerous. Some of the clothes is not suitable for the workplace, have you ever seen a real man can sit bosom stability? Therefore, if such women, long time not been infringed, I'm afraid it's really hard.
5, greedy vanity and put money above all women
If is useful, both envy rich people live a life of being pampered and flashing lights, and the privilege of jealousy powerful could give orders or abuse power for personal gains, also hate his right to life without money, vanity building in able to marry into the giants or become "officer the second generation" wife, so, women will read the power and money above everything else, in order to get other people's money or get a higher position, she will stop at nothing to leadership alliance, befriend with your boss. She will design opportunity to sleep in a bed with your boss.
6, by hook or by crook I climb ambitious women
In the patriarchal society, women should do his own business is very not easy, and the thought to boss as a career springboard women, if subjected to the abuse of boss, is she deigned to a great extent, if the boss finally became a song yamaki, is certainly a man put on his pants to default, did not give her to see things. Such women, therefore, was afraid of the boss not to abuse her, the man once with the female sex, unless you can keep the promises you secretly, otherwise, she will do to let you die very embarrassed.
7, open concept in sex "or an attempt to make key of women
Some women, character is very man sexual attitudes are more open, the girls especially abroad, rarely notice at ordinary times life section, even if is your wearing miniskirts, also will be sitting in front of male bosses do not mind, this kind of hint for lewd boss is delicious, and sexually liberated women won't even notice that this kind of section, if the boss has a bad plot is well fall into her trap, women's and likes the watch can be used as a ticket to get benefits.
8, marriage is not happy and appreciate considerate women
Another belongs to palace dissatisfied housewife type of woman, not harmonious or unhappy marriages of women, she will appreciate considerate care of her and will send they can't get from the husband heat and see in male leadership performance, she would take leadership as they can talk to their emotional confusion subject object, even his emotional with husband some privacy questions also tell the boss. To realize the social decent people really rarely, lustful boss is took advantage of the female desire warmth to take her fishing.
Don't be naive to think with your boss to go to bed after Mrs. Can be upgraded to the leadership, as most of the leadership is the female subordinates as free tools, they won't silly to abandon their homes to restructure a home with you, this will affect his and official career. Therefore, hot days, the career women really want pay attention to their dress, especially deep clothes "V" word, must pay attention to protect the led inside the contents of the "V" word, prevent the office sex maniac peep, more to prevent male bosses take you as the goal of hunt. Therefore, only oneself do seamless, not recruit to lewd of flies.