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Graduates classic interview question parsing
time:2016-08-22 17:12:09
Fresh graduate with a college student or already work 1-3 years of young people, in the process of job search for various practical problems (graduate to find a job to support yourself, don't want to chew old, etc.), looking for a job is not deep insight into their interests, personality and special skills, suitable for what to do? Corporate HR will put forward some problems to explore the factors behind the of job seekers, job seekers how to answer? ZCBKW from long experience summarized in the following interview skills, hope friends to have some inspiration to step into the workplace.
Problem a: "tell me about yourself"
I study in south China university of technology institute of business administration, and my major is international economy and trade, in addition to minor in law.
During the period of school, besides studying the textbook, I prefer to take part in some extracurricular activities. Including distributing leaflets, do tutor, participating in various competitions and project. The main is the resume is introduced.
I like playing football, watching all kinds of enterprise training lectures.
Don't know you to which aspects need further understanding.
1, this is an interview study topic.
2, introduce the content must be consistent with your resume.
3, try to colloquial expression.
4, to the point, don't talk about independent and useless.
5, organized to clear, level must clear.
6, best beforehand in the form of text written by heart.
Problem two: to sum up your own three words?
I often use the three words are: adaptability is strong, has the sense of responsibility and work have always, combined with concrete examples to explain to the examiner, and make them feel you with development potential.
Question 3: "tell me about your family"
1, the conditions for our understanding of the character of the applicant, concept, attitude, etc have certain effect, it is the main reason for employers to ask this question.
2, simply listed family.
3, be warm and harmonious family atmosphere.
4, be parents for their education.
5, appropriate emphasis on each member of the family in good condition.
6, appropriate emphasis on family members support for their work.
7, should be emphasized to the family sense of responsibility.
Problem four: "who do you most admire?
1 the great person, can to a certain extent reflects the candidate's personality, ideas, mood, this is the main cause of interviewers ask this question.
2, none of unfavorable said he worship.
3, should not be said their worship.
4, should not be said a false worship, or unknown people.
5, and should not be said that the person who adore a clearly has a negative image.
6, the worship of all the best with what they can apply for the job "ride".
7, had better tell him whom they worship their ideas of what quality, what infection, inspire yourself.
Question 5: "do you have any hobbies?"
1, hobbies can to a certain extent, reflect the candidate's personality, ideas, point of view, this is the main reason for employers to ask this question.
2, it is best not to say that they have no hobbies.
3, don't say you have those vulgar, feels bad hobby.
4, better don't say you is limited to reading, listening to music, surfing the Internet, or may make the interviewer suspect applicant withdrawn character.
5, best can have some outdoor hobbies to "ornament" your image.
6, to find some rich in the spirit of teamwork. Here's a true story: someone is rejected, because of his hobby is scuba diving. I said: because this is a single event, I'm not sure whether he can adapt to the group work.
Question 6: "what is your motto?"
1, the motto can to a certain extent, reflect the candidate's personality, ideas, mood, this is the main cause of interviewers ask this question.
2, should not be said that the medical cause bad lenovo's motto.
3, should not say that is too abstract motto.
4, said shoulds not be too long motto.
5, motto is best can reflect his some excellent quality.
6, the reference answer - "only to find a successful way, not to find excuses for failure".
Question 7: "talk to you a failure"
1, should not be said he hadn't the experience of failure.
2, is unfavorable to the obvious success as a failure.
3, should not say what the serious influence of job failure,
4, what about the result of the experience should be a failure.
5, appropriate failure before he had faith
Heart white times, in-depth.
6, that is only because of external objective reasons lead to failure.
7, after a failed soon cheer up, to more full of passion to face future work.
Question 8: "talk about your weaknesses"
1, should not say they have not.
2, unfavorable put those obvious advantages as disadvantages.
3, should not tell the serious influence for the shortcomings of work.
4, should not say is not trust, the shortcomings of uncomfortable.
5, can make some for the job "irrelevant" faults, even some ostensibly shortcomings, from the perspective of work is advantages disadvantages.. Never wise to answer "my biggest weakness is too pursuit of perfection", some people think that this answer will be more outstanding, but in fact, he has some Ji can be dangerous.
Question 9: have the thought of entrepreneurship?
Can show you the momentum of this problem, but if your answer is "yes", must be careful, the next question might be "then why don't you do that?"
Question 10: "why do you choose our company?"
1, the interviewer tries to understand your job motivation, desire and attitude about work.
2, Suggestions from industry, enterprise and work to answer the three angles.
3, refer to the answer - "I am very bullish on your company in the industry, I think your company attaches great importance to talent, and the job is very suitable for me, believe they can do a good job." "I've come to apply for because I believe I can contribute to the company, and my ability to adapt convinced me that I can take responsibilities to a new stage".
Question 11: have you ever been to a compulsory activity?
Set out to do some compulsory activity, now is not just those who have contributed to the society, also is your employer will care about, if they have not such a staff, then you will become a good public relations resources.
Question 12: "if I hire you, how are you going to work"
1, if the applicant to apply for the position is a lack of enough knowledge, it is best not to directly speak his concrete methods of work,
2, can try to use circuitous tactics to answer, such as "first, listen to the instructions of leadership and requirements, and then understand and familiar with related situation, following a recent work plan and submitted to the leadership for approval, according to the plan to carry out their work."
Question 13: "for the job, you have what the foreseeable difficult?"
1, should not be directly say specific difficulties, otherwise could not doubt the applicant.
2, can try circuitous tactics, difficult for candidates held by the attitude - "in the work some difficulty is normal, also is inevitable, but as long as there is indomitable perseverance, good cooperation spirit and careful and well prepared in advance, any difficulty can be overcome."
Question 14: "with the superior divided sample only, what will you do?"
1, generally can be replied "I will to superiors to necessary explain and remind, in this case, I will obey the superior's opinion."
2, if the interviewer is general manager, and you are applying for the position, another manager and the manager is not present at the time, can answer like this: "for the principle problem, I will obey the superior's opinion, to involve the major issues of interest to the company, I hope I can reflect to the higher leadership."
"Graduates lack of experience, how can?"
Question 15: "why should we hire you?"
1, the best candidates to stand in the Angle of the recruiters to answer.
2, employers tend to hire this candidate: basic qualified, interested in the total group, have enough confidence.
3, such as "I conform to the requirements of your company, with my current skills, high sense of responsibility and good adaptability and learning ability, fully qualified for this job. I very much look forward to serving your company, if your company give me this opportunity, I can become the beams of your company!"
Question 16: "what can you do for us?"
1, the basic principle of "good" them.
2, answer this question before the applicant can best "pre-emptive", understand employers expect can play the role of this position.
3, the applicant can according to their own understanding, combined with their own advantages to answer the question in the field of professional.
Question 17: "you are a graduating student, the lack of experience, how can you are qualified for this job?"
1, if employers put forward the problem of graduate applicants, employers don't really care about "experience", the key to see how candidates answer.
2, the best answer to the question to reflect the candidate's sincerity, witty, determination and dedication.
3, such as "as a fresh graduates, can really lacking in experience, so I have been using every opportunity during reading a part-time job in this industry. I also found that the actual work is more abundant and complicated than book knowledge. But I have a strong sense of responsibility, good adaptability and learning ability, and more diligent, so can successfully accomplish the work in my part-time jobs and get experience also makes me benefited a lot. Please rest assured, at school and part-time work experience make me qualified for this position."
Question 18: tell me three things about this company.
You should know ten things related to the company, he asked you three things you answer four pieces, he asked you four things you answer five pieces. Say a few things you know, of which at least one thing is "sales of how much how much" and so on.
Question 19: "you want to work with what kind of superior?"
1, through the applicant of the superior "hope" can determine candidate awareness of self, this is a trap, and the last chance.
2, had better avoid to higher specific hope, more talk about their requirements.
3, such as "as a rookie just entering society, I should have more demand to be familiar with the environment and adapt to the environment as soon as possible, and should not put forward any requirements for the environment, as long as you can play to my specialty."
Question 20: why haven't you find the right position?
Don't be afraid to tell them that you might have to hire, don't say "I made a terrible mess last interview......" . Pointed out that this is your first interview