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Millions of high quality in high-end talent reserves, China's first AAAA rating headhunting services

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Shanghai JieShi optimal talent consulting service co., LTD. (license: hujia club, 3101140076) - specialization, internationalization of headhunting service agencies; Provide enterprises with personalized solutions of hiring experts. The
JieShi optimal search, recommendation from senior management and professional technical talents as the core business, in order to "focus on industry research of high efficiency on the basis of the cooperated service", from the Angle of enterprise management consulting, to provide our customers to enhance the core competitiveness of human resource services.
JieShi optimal in international advanced business model are summarized, on the basis of constant innovation, to create a more suitable for rapid economic growth of China headhunting service business process, for our executive search service with high efficiency, provides the safeguard.

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