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Headhunting service business processes:
1, preliminary: JieShi optimal fully communicate with customer to fully understand the job description, requirements and the company background, organization structure, enterprise culture and the major competitors, etc. This information helps us to search for potential candidates and only for exchange and sharing with them.
2, entrust recruitment: the customer according to the positions of talent required, fill in entrust recruitment book, a detailed description of the specific requirements of personnel required.
3, cost consultation, the two sides according to entrust recruitment book to determine the ease with which the personnel service, after the success of the talent from this specific consultation service to pay service fees.
4, the signing of the contract: according to the results of the negotiations both sides signed a formal entrust recruitment contract.
5, project operation: once confirmed by the both sides direction, JieShi will begin to professional, search process of the system. We test, analysis of relevant market, the target company interview/assessment of candidates and selected the right person; Complete a personal profiles, education background, professional training, profession introduction, career details, pay tips, apply for evaluation and possible motivation, personal ability, headhunting/further advice such as content of the report, and submitted to the customer. In addition, if necessary, we also provide related to be submit candidate position or personnel salary level report for reference.
Data provided: 6, will be elected by the personnel information provided to customer for reference, selected by the customer need to interview people, the two sides negotiated according to specific circumstances and determine the interview time.
7, arrange interview: according to the identified the interview time and place, arrange the candidates according to the customer designated time and place for an interview. All the candidates will be submitted by the client company. Throughout the interview process especially the cases of high level position, JieShi optimal will keep close contact and communication with customers and ask the customer to provide the interview feedback as soon as possible, so that we can further investigate and compare the suitability of candidates and had a clear reference factors. Search and interview will go on to the customer selects one or a set of suitable candidates.
8, interview result: customer according to the interview situation, determine the right person. After finally determine the candidate, if necessary, we will continue to help customers and both sides to negotiate compensation or other problems in the process of solving. Usually, we can provide useful information and related benefits of advice.
9, fee payments: the customer in accordance with the relevant "service contract" agreed to pay the cost of entrust recruitment. Candidate to sign the offer letter, in place after the mount guard, JieShi optimal progress will continue to focus on both sides of the running-in, and is willing to provide the necessary consultation at any time.
10, follow-up service: if the recommended personnel in the three months probation was prove that do not conform to the requirements of the customers, continue to recommend suitable candidates for free.