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RPO recruitment outsourcing service
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Recruitment Process WBS
For the enterprise to provide one-stop recruitment solution for point to point
The advantage of RPO recruitment:
1, high efficiency, good quality and low cost
2 hiring plan optimization
3 professional recruitment team
What problem for enterprise recruitment solution:
1. The recruitment channels of a single, limited resources;
2. Emergency, large batch;
3. Limited recruitment budgets;
4. The human resources department of energy is limited, can't meet the demand of enterprise recruitment.
Service industries: FMCG, manufacturing, IT, finance, real estate...
Customer success:
Machinery, electronics, semiconductor industry:
Of fasteners, pressed hardware running control daikin air conditioning Konica minolta chippac electronic huahong NEC sheng feng science and technology
JVC pioneer electronics SOFT MASTE yoshida zippers Casio electronic SONY electronics
Johnson &johnson medical utstarcom exhibition rapid electronic ricoh software Ricoh electronic Japanese mizuho bank (MIZOHU)
Three live precision (MISUMI) Meiji dairy Fujitsu iso9000 certificate information Fujitsu apex China elevator;
Mr. Al steel mill steel structure treasure force sudie welding technology, meter precision machinery Hans. Einhell China tools
Flying eagle electrical appliances The Internet mechanical thapa aluminum LAM HHNEC, Hynix wuxi Hynix utility semiconductors
Chippac electronics, ATI, electronics, semiconductor, MATTSON, comlent kang generation source (EDA),
Rainbow, electronic, eccn, ship, hi-p electronics,
FMCG industry:
Christine Meiji dairy Yi hai kerry Kellogg Nestle tingyi Adopt cloud Rui xuan DE abundant food
revlon Yasi lauder guerlain clarins Al waves of LG (LG) high boots made white CMM
Financial investment, real estate industry:
The Japanese side ear industrial bank calyon bank in France Germany, the bank xiamen international bank
Total investment XMC IDG cooperation electric group financial services company
Vanke group, Shanghai city investment real estate, JAQ (jie lian engineering), huayuan co (transformation) for real estate industry,
Three ChengHongYe What show is easy to design, design of HND office (UK) Wilson (Singapore)